Don't miss the DiscoverE Global Marathon!

Five reasons to attend the marathon (a free, virtual event for women in engineering and technology) March 8-10!

  1. Get Inspired - Attend first-ever humanitarian engineering sessions.
  2. Boost Your Career - Take away actionable tactics you can employ right away.
  3. Grow Your network - Mix and mingle with colleagues from around the world in the Network Lounge.
  4. Gain New Insights - 30+ speakers, 17 sessions. See full list here.
  5. t's Free and Virtual! - You can join in from anywhere in the world.
For more information or to register, check out:

What's happening with the Suggested Changes to ABET Criterion 3 & 5

The summary of current revisions to criteria 3 and 5: If nothing else, please read these - the changes are substantial.
In February a couple of webinars were put on by an ASEE Ad-Hoc Committee on ABET titled "Simplifying ABET EAC Accreditation Criteria: Did ABET go too far?". If you want to view these webinars, see:

Note that the presentations are identical, but the presenters are different. The downloads will require WebEx software be installed in order to be viewed. But if you are so inclined, please comment. One potential aspect to note is that Diversity and Inclusion are not currently explicitly addressed. Do you think they should be? If so or if you have any other comments, go to

The site for the ASEE virtual conference on ABET will go live for comments on March 6th, but you can access it for read only here:

Please pass these links on and also consider contacting the representative for your technical society. The comment period ends June 30, 2016!

ASEE Call for Nominations for Best Diversity Papers

The Diversity Committee seeks nominations for Best Diversity Papers from the Annual Conference in New Orleans as well as from all section and zone meetings within the 2015/2016 year. Please see details at

Student Essay & Video Contest Winners Announced!

Students, told us their stories and shared their perspectives! We are asked for a video or essay from current engineering and engineering technology students sharing a story related to any type of diversity (e.g., age, belief system, disability status, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and any other visible or non-visible differences). To learn about the winners or for more information, check out:

Please submit your thought-provoking snippets

We will be featuring thought-provoking diversity snippets in the hallways around the 2016 ASEE Annual Conference. Can you think of a short message that highlights diversity and gets people thinking about inclusivity? We want to hear from you! The Diversity Committee needs your help! Please submit your ideas for little snippets (~30 words or less) that highlight diversity. To check out the snippets from last year, go to To learn more about the Diversity Committee, see

PRISM Articles
As part of the year of action, ASEE's publication PRISM has included a featured 1-page article on an aspect of diversity.
Issue Title Author(s)
September 2014 A YEAR OF ACTION ON DIVERSITY Diversity Committee
October 2014 AN UNSUITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN? Adrienne Minerick
November 2014 UNSEEN DIFFERENCES Deborah A. Trytten, Cindy E. Foor, Teri J. Murphy, Randa L. Shehab, Susan E. Walden, and Rui Pan
January 2015 WHAT WORKS?
Elizabeth Holloway
February 2015 HABITAT FOR HUMANITY Lorie Groll, Teri Reed, and Monica Cox
March/April 2015 A WAY UP FOR
Donna Riley
Consider Adding a Delegate to the Diversity Committee from your Divsion/Section/Zone.

Any Division, Section, or Zone can nominate a delegate to the Diversity Committee by adding a commitment to diversity to their Bylaws. Sample language, that can be adapted as the unit sees fit, is:

The ______ Division (section/zone) is also committed to promoting the inclusion and education of diverse individuals and embracing diverse ideas in the professions of engineering and engineering technology. The ____ Division (section/zone) recognizes that diversity is strength in creativity, broadness of new ideas, and embracing new perspectives to arrive at the most truly innovative, resource-smart solutions possible.

Past Events

ASEE Diversity Committee Sessions at the 122nd ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

Check out the summaries of the many sessions that were sponsored by the ASEE Diversity Committee at the annual conference! Did you love our diversity-themed footsteps? You can also find the list on our conference page! Click here for the list of sessions.

Safe Zone Workshop Resources

Resources from the Safe Zone Workshops at the 2014 Annual ASEE meeting are available here.