Campus Climate

What is the campus climate like for LGBTQ students and faculty

Even though recent years have seen significant advances in GGBTQ equality in the U.S. through legislation and social acceptance, research shows that LGBTQ students and faculty on college campuses still experience exclusion and discrimination. The following examples taken from a survey of 5,100 college students, faculty and administrators illustrate this problem [1]:

  •  29% of LGBTQ students and faculty experienced harassment and discrimination within the last year
  •  20% of LGBTQ respondents feared for their physical safety on campus
  •  37% of students were not comfortable in the classroom
  • 30% of LGBTQ individuals seriously considered leaving their institution due to negative experiences and perceptions


[1] S. Rankin, G. Weber, W. Blumenfeld, and S.  Frazer, “2010 State of higher education for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people,” ed: Campus Pride, 2010.