Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan


ASEE envisions widespread, inclusive, and equitable environments in engineering, academia, and industry that embrace individual differences and leverage diversity for a better engineered tomorrow.


Strategic Plan

ASEE is well positioned nationally and globally to lead engineering education to achieve the diversity needed for future engineering innovations and there is a strategic plan to position the society to increase diversity in the profession. A Taskforce on Diversity was created in 2009 with a specific charge to create an action oriented strategic plan to identify activities and systemic policies ASEE can do. The result was the formation of the ASEE Diversity Committee in 2011 with a document summarizing 32 action-oriented recommendations to the ASEE Board of Directors. Thus was born the 2012-2013 Strategic Plan, which can be found here. Some of these 32 recommendations have been achieved; the Year of ACTION on Diversity had a goal to enable all members of ASEE to have the tools to acknowledge and discuss current problems and provide resources to make oneself into an advocate to actively change the engineering climate.

In 2012, the ASEE Diversity Committee created a Strategic Plan. Each year the Strategic Plan has been revised, updated, and improved. A recent Strategic Plan is grouped by two main goals. To achieve each goal, the committee has detailed strategies, tasks and task measures. For a copy of the current Strategic Plan, click here.

Goal 1: Increase visibility, improve baseline knowledge, empower members, and leverage events within ASEE and ASEE affiliates to increase diversity.

The strategies associated with this first goal are listed below:

Goal 2: Increase visibility of and perceived importance of diversity within all engineering and related communities.

The strategies associated with this second goal are listed below: