Year of ACTION on Diversity (2014-2015): Recap

The ASEE Board authorized 2014-2015 as the Year of ACTION on Diversity, wherein members discussed, engaged, and highlighted individual and collective activities that served to advance the Society's diversity efforts and inclusivity. Thus, along with regular Diversity Committee efforts, 2014-2015 featured additional coordination, sponsorship and activities.

The need for this YoA was very timely. Calls for diversifying the engineering and engineering technology workforce have led to ASEE divisions and specific subpopulation organizations, but the numbers have climbed only slightly. A different, broader, majority inclusive approach was needed. While there is still much work to do, the Year of Action provided a start to this majority approach.


ASEE Diversity Committee Sessions at the 122nd ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

Check out summaries of the many sessions sponsored by the ASEE Diversity Committee at the annual conference! Click here for the list of sessions.

Student's Submitted Entries for the Student Essay & Video Contest!

Students shared stories and their perspectives! We asked for a video or essay from current engineering and engineering technology students sharing a story related to any type of diversity (e.g., age, belief system, disability status, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and any other visible or non-visible differences).
Top three submissions won cash prizes.
The competition ended July 1, 2015! The contest has grown into a recurring activity. For more information, check out:

Thought-provoking snippets

As part of ASEE's Year of Action on Diversity, we featured thought-provoking diversity snippets in the hallways around the 2015 ASEE Annual Conference in Seattle, WA. This activity was so engaging that the Committee again featured snippets at the 2016 ASEE Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. This activity may continue in future years. The following solicitation was sent out, requesting submissions: "Can you think of a short message that highlights diversity and gets people thinking about inclusivity? We want to hear from you! The Diversity Committee needs your help! Please submit your ideas for little snippets (~30 words or less) that highlight diversity. You can also find the list of diversity themed snippets on the past conferences page!"

HIGH PRIORITY ITEMS: The following items were considered essential to achieve the core, centralizing activities for the Year of Action on Diversity.

DIVERSITY COMMITTEE COMMITMENTS: The Diversity Committee will concurrently be active in securing sponsorship and funding to assist with activities during the Year of Dialogue. This section contains a summary of those efforts.

MEDIUM PRIORITY ITEMS: This category of items enables more impact, streamlining efforts at multiple organizational levels to make the Year of Action on Diversity a greater success. Items listed expand the message to all ASEE meetings. The demographics of zone and regional meetings include far more community college and K-12 attendees.

LOWEST (BUT STILL IMPORTANT) PRIORITY ITEMS: Items in this category were considered non-essential, yet still highly impactful to further develop volunteer efforts and ensure these activities are sustained year after year.

ASEE is in a position, as an engineering society leading by example, to strongly influence diversity attitudes and efforts across the nation and world. Thus, all efforts should impact education of individuals, disseminate best practices, and be designed to empower the individual to facilitate the success of others.