Student Essay & Video Contest

Status: Winners announced for the 2017-2018 awards. Watch for updates for the 2018-2019 contest!

Students, tell us your story or share your perspective!

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) envisions widespread, inclusive, and equitable environments in engineering, academia, and industry that embrace individual differences and leverage diversity for a better engineered tomorrow. The 2017-2018 year celebrates ASEE's 125 years at the heart of engineering education. The ASEE Diversity Committee honors this celebration with a focus on diverse teams in engineering and engineering education, because teamwork is at the heart of engineering.

Students from a broad range of backgrounds and among various grade levels (P12, undergraduate, and graduate) are invited to share their perspective on diversity in engineering teams by submitting an entry into the essay and/or video contests. Each entry should clearly answer the prompt provided below and follow all contest rules.

Prompt & Requirements



Eligibility Requirements & Contest Rules


Winners are selected by a group of reviewers from the ASEE Diversity Committee. Up to 3 awards will be given as prizes for the top submissions from all categories.


General Timeline:

November 20: Contest submission open
March 15: Submission deadline
March 30: Submission review deadline
April 6: Winner notification deadline



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2017-2018 Winners