The CDEI has six different committees.

Everyone is welcome to join and can volunteer for multiple committees.

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The CDEI Awards Committee manages the ASEE Best Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Paper competition and the ASEE Constituent Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award. The Awards Committee Chair(s) will oversee the award selections to ensure that the ASEE Board-approved processes are followed. Awards Committee opportunities may include procedural support or paper and portfolio review in the springtime.

Leaders: Katey Shirey ( and Karin Jensen (


The Communications Committee manages all communication efforts including the CDEI website, coordinates messaging, and seeks new content. If you have any marketing, communications, website, social media, or design skills, this committee needs you!

Leader: Tershia Pinder-Grove (

Conference Planning

The Conference Planning Committee oversees program activities for the ASEE Annual Conference and other conferences where the CDEI chooses to have a presence.

Leader: Rachelle Reisberg (

Policy & Letters

The Policy & Letters Committee drafts responses to key events for timely advocacy or to encourage diversity, inclusion, or equity policies.

Leader: Donna Riley (

Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee serves the ASEE membership by increasing our collective capacity to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within engineering education. This committee operates with five teams: virtual workshops (led by Bri Benedict McIntyre), scaleable and open-source programming, selection and coordination of annual conference workshops, resource curation, and community-building events (led by Stacie Ringleb). For more information, please contact Meagan Pollock. To volunteer or contribute ideas please complete our intake form, button below.

Leader: Meagan Pollock (

Strategic Planning & Assessment

The Strategic Planning & Assessment Committee helps maintain and track the progress of the ASEE CDEI Strategic Plan with the guidance of the CDEI Leadership Team and in coordination with appropriate committees.

Leader: Tasha Zephirin (