The ASEE Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is comprised of Standing Members, Division and Section Delegates, and Friends. Standing Members are appointed from several diversity serving divisions of ASEE and other organizational councils (see current list below). All ASEE Divisions may nominate a Delegate to serve on the Commission. Other ASEE members stay connected and serve as Friends. Please see the Get Involved page, if you would like to participate.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission ( 2023-2024 )

Meagan Pollock

Engineer Inclusion


Homero Murzi

Assistant Professor
Virginia Tech

Past chair

Christina Alston

Colorado Diversity Initiative Director
University of Colorado Boulder

Chair elect

Cynthia Murphy

Chevron Corporation

Corporate Member Council Representative

Don Leo

Dean and UGA Foundation Professor in Engineering
University of Georgia

Engineering Deans Council Representative

Gary D. Steffen

Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne

Engineering Technology Council Representative

Meagan Pollock

Chief Inclusion Engineer

Pre-College Engineering Education Division Representative

Henriette Burns

Assistant Research Professor
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Minorities in Engineering Division Representative

Rachelle Reisberg

Assistant Dean, Engineering Enrollment and Retention
Northeastern University

Women in Engineering Division Representative

Kimberly Douglas

Senior Director
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Engineering Diversity Organization Representative

Sharan Asundi

Assistant Professor
Old Dominion University


Tasha Zephirin

PhD Candidate / Executive Assistant
Purdue University/NAMEPA


Karin Jensen

Teaching Associate Professsor
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Rocio C. Chavela Guerra

Director, Education & Career Development
American Society for Engineering Education

ASEE Headquarters Representative

Brian Self

Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo


ASEE VP Member Affairs
CDEI Ex Officio member

Katey Shirey

Chief Education Officer
eduKatey, LLC


ASEE P-12 Commission Representative
CDEI Ex Officio member

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CDEI solicit papers like divisions?

No. In the past, there were many discussions about whether committees and commissions can or should run paper tracks.  There was a board decision communicated with CDEI around 2017 that they should not. The DEI community responded in two ways. CDEI’s response was to continue to run professional development workshops and the best paper competition but no longer solicit papers on our own. Other researchers and community members founded the division now known as the Equity, Culture, and Social Justice in Education Division, which has a full (and well-subscribed) paper program at the conference.  CDEI was able to fill a gap in the community for a time, and it was clearly a need. It is now filled by a combination of ECSJ, WIED, MIND, LEES, and Ethics, as well as others.