ASEE envisions widespread, inclusive, and equitable environments in engineering, academia, and industry that embrace individual differences and leverage diversity for a better engineered tomorrow.

Our Mission
To increase visibility and discussion of diversity issues.
To help develop inclusive and pervasive environments for all engineers to thrive.
To facilitate and encourage use of translatable strategies that enable both bottom up and top down empowerment.
Strategic Plan

The first ASEE Diversity Committee Strategic Plan (2012) formed the basis for the 2014-15 Year of ACTION on Diversity.

The second Strategic Plan, approved by the ASEE Board in 2016, focused on engaging ASEE in more widespread considerations of diversity. The plan was organized into two main goals. To achieve each goal, the Commission detailed strategies, tasks, and measures. See those here.

The third Strategic Plan, collectively and collaboratively developed in 2022, anchors around four priorities, each with five objectives. To accomplish the new charter, five nascent teams are established to complement the seven formal committees outlined in our bylaws. Each committee/team will articulate its annual strategy (measurable goals and priorities that support each objective) by Sep 1 each year. We will use the tracker file to help us monitor progress towards our goals.


** Please note that the plan below is still pending ASEE board approval. 

Priorities and Objectives

We are guided by four key values and priorities, each of which has five objectives. Every objective is assigned to a committee or team, indicated in the third column. Each committee/team will articulate its annual strategy (measurable goals and priorities that support each objective) by Sep 1 each year for accountability.


ASEE CDEI Strategic Plan PDF Page Layout

Get Involved

Learn more about the committees and teams and volunteer to participate here.

Annual Reports

Each year the Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion report accomplishments toward the strategic goals to the ASEE Board. Reports are available here.


We partner with ASEE groups to assess and implement equitable and inclusive policies and practices that advance ASEE’s vision, mission, values, and goals.

P1 We will ensure HQ, Divisions, Sections, and Zones get information about CDEI events so they can pass the information along to their constituents. Communication
P2 We will build capacity for Divisions, Sections, and Zones to contribute quality diversity papers. Awards
P3 We will support HQ, and leaders of Divisions, Sections, and Zones to conduct organizational Equity Audits. *Institutional Change Team
P4 We will provide advice to ASEE HQ as a partner on DEI issues as needed *Institutional Change Team
P5 We will partner with Divisions, Sections, and Zones to broaden DEI capacity. *Outreach Team



We listen to the needs of ASEE members, and seek to lead authentically, transparently, and inclusively by modeling best DEI practices.

M1 We will conduct and share the results of an annual survey of CDEI members. Strategic Planning/Assessment
M2 We will grow leadership from within by intentionally developing and nominating existing members for CDEI leadership positions. Executive
M3 We will improve accessibility, inclusivity, and transparency in CDEI operations. Executive
M4 We will draft responses to key events for timely advocacy or to encourage diversity, inclusion, or equity policies. Policy/Letters
M5 We will monitor and measure progress towards our collectively developed strategic plan. Strategic Planning/Assessment



We aim to cultivate a supportive, respectful, and accountable community that empowers us to strive for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice in engineering.

E1 We will expand our CDEI membership and level of participation and engagement. *Outreach Team
E2 We will provide community-building activities that nurture the well-being of our membership. *Community Building Team
E3 We will support members embracing difficult conversations with openness and empathy and handling discomfort and burnout inherent in DEI work. *Encouragement Team
E4 We will coordinate activities for the ASEE Annual Conference that showcase CDEI and broaden participation. Conference Planning
E5 We will spotlight scholars and DEIJ in engineering success stories. Awards



We provide opportunities and support for the engineering education community to grow in their DEI knowledge, capabilities, and effectiveness.

G1 We will provide professional learning opportunities at the annual conference. Professional Development
G2 We will provide virtual learning opportunities. Professional Development
G3 We will post meaningful, action-focused content on our regularly updated website. Communication
G4 We will exercise influence to promote DEI in ASEE publications. *Spotlight Team
G5 We will provide training for people interested in leading DEI workshops. Professional Development


* Indicates a new team formed in 2022.