ASEE envisions widespread, inclusive, and equitable environments in engineering, academia, and industry that embrace individual differences and leverage diversity for a better engineered tomorrow.

Our Mission
To increase visibility and discussion of diversity issues.
To help develop inclusive and pervasive environments for all engineers to thrive.
To facilitate and encourage use of translatable strategies that enable both bottom up and top down empowerment.
Strategic Plan

The first ASEE Diversity Committee Strategic Plan (2012) formed the basis for the 2014-15 Year of ACTION on Diversity. A new Strategic Plan, approved by the ASEE Board in 2016, focuses on engaging ASEE in more wide-spread considerations of diversity. The plan is organized into two main goals. To achieve each goal, the Commission has detailed strategies, tasks, and task measures. The current Strategic Plan is linked here. A new plan will be developed as part of Commission activities in 2019-20.

Each year the Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion reports accomplishments toward the strategic goals to the ASEE Board. Reports are available here.

Goal 1

Increase visibility, improve baseline knowledge, empower members, and leverage events within ASEE and ASEE affiliates to increase diversity.


1A. Engage the ASEE community to improve baseline knowledge of diversity issues.

1B. Empower ASEE members into actionable initiatives.

1C. Partner with EDC, ETC, CMC, ERC, divisions, sections, zones, and other groups.

Goal 2

Increase visibility and perceived importance of diversity within all engineering and related communities.


2A. Be a proactive voice to influence policies and practices on a national and global scale.

2B. Develop partnerships that disseminate information and strategies to a larger audience.

2C. Engage the broader engineering community to actively and steadily increase diversity.