Announcing the Equity, Culture, and Social Justice in Education Constituent Committee

Announcing a new Constituent Committee!

ASEE has a new Constituent Committee (provisional division) on Equity, Culture, and Social Justice in Education (ECSE). The organizing members have outlined the following initial vision statement for the division:

The Equity, Culture, and Social Justice in Education (ECSE) Division is a home for individuals who are interested in laboring with and for under-resourced and disenfranchised people seeking to engage in engineering at any level of education. We aim to enrich the field of Engineering Education by leveraging our varied talents and experiences to produce scholarship and practices that a) increase resources and support for those with the greatest needs, b) uncover and dismantle systemically-oppressive educational barriers, and c) promote responsive pedagogy and transformative learning.

We anticipate that the division would seek and support work on the following topics:

  1. Culturally relevant/responsive teaching
  2. Disability studies & accessibility in education
  3. Non-deficit approaches in engineering instruction
  4. Classroom culture as connected to structural inequities
  5. Urban education, teaching engineering in inequitable educational contexts
  6. Activist, interdisciplinary, and critical perspectives on engineering education
  7. Workshops and special sessions to promote understanding of equity issues for engineering faculty

We invite anyone interested in the division to sign up for our free membership which is available now on ASEE’s website! That’s the best way to get on our mailing list for future division organizing.

Please also join us at a Virtual Business Meeting on Friday, June 26 from 2-4pm EDT to help map out the intentions and directions for the new division. For those who are attending the Virtual Conference this business meeting will be available to join through the virtual videoconference platform, for those who are not attending the conference there will be a telephone call-in number. Plans for the Business Meeting include:

  1. Generating a shared vision that builds on the initial vision created by organizing members
  2. Discussing disambiguation from and partnership with other associated divisions
  3. Voting on leadership for the 2020-2021 term
  4. Providing input to the Call for Papers
  5. Signing up for formal or informal roles with the division

If you have any questions about the Constituent Committee or the Business Meeting, please reach out to Interim Division Chair, Stephen Secules at or James Holly, Jr., Interim Program Chair,

Organizing Committee:
Stephen Secules, Florida International University
James Holly, Jr., Wayne State University
Ethan Eagle, University of Maryland
Cassandra McCall, Virginia Tech
Alex Mejia, University of San Diego